First Steps

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All the tracks are released under the CC-BY license

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29 min 15 sec

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This is my first music album, completely created only by using LMMS.
Music is said to be therapeutic, I really believe so, this is why all the tracks here are made such to evoke an emotional response to humans who listen to them. Enjoy!

Track 1 is using choirs, drums and synthesizers.
Track 2 is using violins, cellos and synthesizers.
Track 3 is using electric guitars, drums, hihats and synthesizers.
Track 4 is using bells, choirs and synthesizers.
Track 5 is using only synthesizers.
Track 6 is using a piano, strings, choirs and bells.
Track 7 is using strings, electric guitar, bells and choir.
Track 8 is using piano, strings and choir.
Track 9 is using choir and strings.
Track 10 is using only synthesizers.